Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

Gambar Kita Untuk Background Depan


PhotoKey can transport your subjects to any location without ever leaving the studio. Discover a new world of creative possibilities and introduce your clients to the magic of greenscreen and bluescreen photography. High quality results and an intuitive interface make PhotoKey ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

Detailed feature list


Move your foreground and background separately

Frame your shot perfectly

Resize your images

Rotate your images


Export to JPEG, TIFF or PNG formats

High quality export retains full quality

Export foreground with alpha channel


Easy edge cropping

Advanced spill suppression

Adjust transparency of your foreground

Light spill simulates the interaction of light between layers

Grading filters

Color grade your images

Blend foreground and background realistically

Create a strong visual style

Adjust foreground and background separately



White and black levels

Color temperature

Color balance

Hue colorize



Easy-to-use interface

Quick access to all your tools

Dynamic display quality

Automatic update notification

Integrated help system

Large preview and editing area

Zoom control for overviews or close-ups

Photo specification

Supports standard photographic sizes

Work in Portrait or Landscape modes

Work from 72dpi to 300dpi

Change photo size at any time

Works at full quality up to 14 megapixels


Works with bluescreen or greenscreen

Advanced automatic keying algorithm

YUV blur for enhancing low quality images

Grey detail retention

Position Perfect framing

Move, rotate and scale your foreground and background individually to create the perfect composition.

Special effects

Glossy finish

Add advanced effects such as light spill to make your backgrounds lighting interact realistically with the foreground.

Export High quality

Print directly from PhotoKey or save to a high resolution, lossless image file. Alpha channel data can be saved for use in 3rd party software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Portrait Classic

Enhance your portrait work with complete control over your foreground and background. Create artificial depth of field and reposition your shot for perfect results.

Location Explore

PhotoKey can use any still image for the background. Take your models and clients to exotic locations from the comfort of your greenscreen studio!


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